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The word “Christian” comes from Christ, and indeed he, Jesus Christ, is the center of our lives.

He is our Savior and Lord; and we have believed in him, we have been saved by him, we love him and we want to follow him and serve him.

Precisely because we love the Lord Jesus Christ, we also love the Bible. There is a close relationship between the two.

What would we know about Jesus Christ if we did not have the Bible? It is true that there are other books from the first century that also mention Christ and Christians, but the Bible is the main source of everything we know about Jesus Christ.

And in the four Gospels of the New Testament, Jesus demonstrates again and again his complete confidence in the writings of the Old Testament as the Word of God.

And the New Testament documents were written by some of the early leaders of the Christian church. That is why we try to base what we believe and what we do on the Bible, the Word of God.


Behind every name there is a birth and a story. And it is also like this with the Reformed Baptist Church of Palma de Mallorca.

The church was founded in 1960. These were not easy times for Protestants (or evangelicals) in Spain. There were still another fifteen years of a political regime that did not view favorably any church or religion other than the Roman Catholic Church.

In fact, the first years of the Reformed Baptist Church of Palma were lived in conditions of forced illegality, restrictions of all kinds and even open hostility on the part of the authorities and many neighbors. The meetings each week had to be held in private apartments and homes, sometimes in more than one home at the same time so as not to raise suspicions due to the number of people attending the meetings, and without having the freedom to sing to the Lord.

And after having bought his own apartment, with the generous help of a foreign lady, the apartment in question had to be sold again precisely because of the protests (anti-protestant!) of the neighbors.

Then, in 1964, the land where the church building is still located was purchased, and the building was built during the following years almost exclusively by the hands and time dedicated to it by the members of the church themselves.

The man who was used by God to found the church was Joaquín Ranero Gascón, born in Cuba, a painter of considerable recognition and a great preacher of the word of God.

After his death in 1989, he was followed by: Juan Bascuñana González (1990 – 1992), Trevor Thomas (1994 – 2000) and the current pastor of the church, Andrew J. Birch (since August 1, 2004). Between 1992 and 1994 the church benefited from the valuable help of a retired missionary, Frederick Webb, along with his wife Ruth.

“No one can lay any foundation except that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 3:11)

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